Founder’s Desk

The complexities of laws are rarely comprehensible to the common man: the RMLNLU Law Review Blog, ever since it recorded its first publication in July 2015, has constantly strived to alter this norm by enabling the publication of simplified discourses on complex legal issues in the form of short, well informed opinions. However, despite the support of the most enduring team one could have ever wished for, my parallel commitments to make this difference on a much larger scale through another independent initiative, deprived the Blog of the attention it most deserved. The Blog, resultantly, even with the rapid acclaim from the academic community for its somewhat free and easy approach to scholarship, was much ironically forced into several short periods of hiatuses. Nonetheless, as I officially depart, I am sure and most confident that my successors would commit to all that is necessary for my heavenly redemption.

— Raj Shekhar

Founding Editor-in-Chief

The RMLNLU Law Review Blog

March 31, 2017