The foundation of a democratic society lies in the civil discourse its members engage in. Through dialogue and discussion, debates and exchange of ideas, new initiatives emerge which aim to uplift the society and promote the betterment of all. In a world of unlimited information, it is important to filter the unwarranted out and take note of that which might be a game-changer in the lives of the common man. 

To be in consonance with our goals, the RMLNLU Law Review Blog shall be conducting a series of talks as a part of our new humble initiative, the BlogTalk, which aims to bring under spotlight contemporary issues and their relevance to certain fields of law. 

In this series, we sit down with renowned experts from different backgrounds and fields of law and discuss the prevailing issues at hand. Through this initiative, we seek to foster the spirit of discourse among scholars from various fields of laws and bring light to those issues which remain untouched from public scrutiny. 


  1. BlogTalk 1.0: Mr. Apar Gupta on Intermediary Liability
  2. BlogTalk 2.0: Mr. Anoop Rawat on Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency