RMLNLU Law Review Volume 5, 2015

  1. An Economic Analysis of the Efficiency and Functioning of Judicial Activism (PILs) in India – Soumalya Saha

  2. The Invisible Trade: Human Trafficking in the Deep Web –  Abhigyan Siddhant and Mohnaa Shrivastava

  3. Betsy’s Case Re-Opening the Who is a Hindu Debate– Akshat Agarwal

  4. ‘Taming the Corporate Leviathan’: The Prospectus of the United Nations Global Compact as an Enforceable Internationals Mechanism of Corporate Social Responsibility – Arindrajit Basu

  5. Extraterritoriality in Anti-trust Laws of Europe – Saras Majumdar and Naman Jain

  6. Commercialisation of Outer Space Activities: Need for a Legal Regime in India – Biswanath Gupta and Dr. Raju KD

  7. International Humanitarian Law in South Asia: A Quick Overview – Hardik Singh