RMLNLU Law Review Volume 7, 2017

  1. Examining the Power of Consumer Dispute Redressal Agencies to Recall and Review Orders: Legal Position and Possible ReformsAditya Manubarwala and Shardool Kulkarni 
  2. The Olympic’s Rule 40: An Unfair Restraint on the Atheltes’ Interests – Agnish Aditya and Akash Srinivasan 
  3. Obergefell and NALSA: A Comparative Legal Analysis of Decisions in US and India on LGBT Rights – Anu Shrivastava 
  4. Proportionality and Deontological Reasons: Unattainable Ideals in the Criminal Justice System Mohd. Saad Khan 
  5. The Paris Agreement: The Landmark Interaction of Science, Diplomacy and International Law – Siddharth Chaturvedi 
  6. Triple Talaq Row: Validity of Judicial Interference in Personal Laws – Eesha Shrotriya 
  7. Aschematising the Position of Common Law Nations: An Analysis of Admissibility of Expert Evidence – Devershi Mishra and Komal Khare

  8. The Implications of Implication: Deconstructing the Moorcock and the Curious Case of the Officious Bystander – Armaan Patkar 
  9. Implementation of Foreign Awards in India, UK and USA – Raghuveer Singh Meena